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Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel grades at a glance with ASTM specification and equivalent chart

Copper-nickel alloys exhibit high resistance to sea water, with a standard composition requiring 60 to 90% copper. Certain alloys, like Monel, contain a minimum of 52% nickel. Regardless of copper content, the alloy maintains a silver colour and demonstrates corrosion resistance in most environments. Copper-nickel prices vary based on the product, grade, and composition. Noteworthy properties of the alloy include resistance to macrofouling, high tensile strength, ductility, thermal conductivity, and antimicrobial touch surface features. The alloy is highly resistant to crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and hydrogen embrittlement. Additionally, it hinders the accumulation of aquatic organisms on surfaces, making it valuable in aquatic environments. The composition of copper-nickel alloys varies between grades, incorporating elements like iron and manganese for enhanced strength. Applications of copper-nickel alloys are diverse, commonly used in the hulls of boats and ships, heat exchanger tubes, condensers, tubesheets, piping, fittings, water boxes, and pumps in sea water components. These alloys are employed in high-pressure systems within sea water system design, finding extensive use in power generation plants, offshore oil industries, desalination plants, and shipbuilding facilities due to their high corrosion resistance and strength. Notably, the alloy is suitable for use in both cryogenic and high-temperature conditions, thanks to its low thermal expansion rates. Manufacturers in India, such as Deltron Alloys, produce copper-nickel alloys in various standards, forms, and shapes. Suppliers offer these products in diverse quantities, and the Cupro Nickel price can fluctuate based on market factors, locations, and transportation facilities. For a comprehensive price list, feel free to contact us.

Stainless Steel Grades

  • Austenitic stainless steel: 200 and 300 series
  • Ferritic stainless steels means 400 series (contain 10% to 30% chromium content)
  • Martensitic stainless steels : Its have 11 – 17% chromium with 0.15 – 0.63% carbon.
  • Precipitation Hardening (PH) stainless steel: 17-7 PH® and PH 15-7 Mo®.
  • NITRONIC® 19D, duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507

Types of Copper Nickel

Copper Nickel Alloy (CUNI) 90/10

Copper Nickel Alloy (CUNI) 70/30

Cupro Nickel ASTM Standard

ProductsASTM / ASME / AMS standard
Bars (flat / hex/ square)MILITARY MIL-C-15726, ASTM B122, SB122, B151, SAE J461, J463
Bolts -fastenersASTM F468 / ASME SF468
Electrode, WeldingMILITARY MIL-E-22200/4, AWS A5.6
Nuts -fastenersASTM F467 / SF467
Seamless PipeASTM B466, ASME SB 466
Welded PipeASTM B608, B467, SB608, SB467
Condenser TubesASME SB111, ASTM B552, B111, MILITARY MIL-T-15005, SAE J463, J461
Finned TubesASTM B359, ASME SB359, MILITARY MIL-T-22214
Seamless TubesASTM B466, ASME SB466, MILITARY MIL-T-16420
U-Bend TubesASTM B395, ASME SB395
Welded TubesASTM B543, ASME SB543
PlatesMILITARY MIL-C-15726, ASTM B122, SB122, SAE J463/ J461
Clad PlateASTM B432, SB432
Plates, Condenser TubeASTM B171, ASME SB171, SAE J463, J461
RodsMIL-C-15726, ASTM B151, SB151
Screws (fasteners)ASTM F468, SF468
SheetsASTM B122, SB122, SAE J461, J463, MIL-C-15726
Strips productsASTM B122, SB122, SAE J463, J461, MIL-C-15726
StudsASTM F468, SF468

Specification of Copper Nickel

Name of the Cuni AlloyBS and ENBSUNS No.Other Standard
Copper Nickel 90/10CW352HCN102C70600; C706102.0872
Copper Nickel 70/30 / NES 780CW354HCN107C71500; C71520NES780
DEF STAN 02-835  C72420DGS357
COLDUR-A®CW116CCS101C65500; C65600ASTM B98; ASTM B249
NIBRON SPECIAL® DTD900/4805C724002.1504
DTD498 / BSB25CW111CDTD498C64700BSB25
COLSIBRO®CW111CDTD498C64700; C180002.0855
TROJANCW112C C70250; C702522.0857
Beryllium Copper (BECOL-25)CW101CCB101C17200ASTM B196; CDA 17200
CHROMZIRC-3CW105CCC101C18200BS 4577 A/2/1
CHROMZIRC-328CW106CCC102C18150BS4577 A/2/2; ISO5182

Cupro Nickel Applications & Uses

  • Evaporator Tubes
  • Boilers & Heat Exchanger
  • Condenser Tubes
  • Distiller

Copper Nickel Composition Standard






70/30 Copper nickel

70.1 – 65.5%

29.0 – 32.0%

0.5 – 1.5%

0.4 – 1.0%

90/10 Copper nickel

86 – 89.7%

9.0 – 11.0%

1.0 – 2.0%

0.3 – 1.0%

Mechanical Properties of Cupro Nickel

Temper rangeCodeTensile Strength0.5% Stress ProofElongation
– MPa– MPa%
Cold-Drawn processH55

Physical Properties of Cupro Nickel


Imperial units of temperature

Metric Units of temperature

Specific Gravity



Themal Conductivity

23 BTU/ft³/ft/hr/°F @ 68°F

40 W/m. °K at 20°C

Thermal Capacity (Specific Heat)

0.09 BTU/lb/°F @ 68°F

380 J/kg. °K at 20°C


0.323 lb/in³ @ 68°F

8.94 gm/cm³ at 20°C

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

9.5 x 10 -5 / °F (68-392°F)

17.1 x 10 -6 / °C (20-300°C)

Electrical Conductivity (Ann.)

9.1% IACS

5.26 microhm?¹.cm?¹ at 20°C

Electrical Resistivity (Ann.)

130 ohms (circ mil/ft) at 68°F

0.190 at 20°C

Modulus of Elasticity (tension)

20 x 10 6 psi at 68°F

140 GPa at 20°C

Modulus of Rigidity (torsion)

7.5 x 10 6 psi at 68°F

52 GPa at 20°C

Melting Range (Liquidus)



Melting Range (Solidus)




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